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Cocoon's Hot Foods To go

"How my family and I can avoid dressing up and standing in line, but still enjoy a great meal while on vacation in Seagrove Beach."

       After enjoying the beautiful Scenic 30A corridor over seven years of vacations in Seagrove Beach, Linda and I were finally able to define the phenomenon that occurred to us within two days of our arrival:


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       On our first two days here, we couldn't wait to get to our favorite restaurants and eat. (After all, that's what vacations are for: to EAT!). But after a couple long days of hard beaching, we soon grew weary of the process: securing reservations (assuming they were available), washing all the sand out of our cracks and crevices, and putting on sunburn relief ointment, standing in line, waiting for the "next available table" and then paying big money for the privilege.

       It didn't take long before we were heading to the grocery store, getting some easy to fix foods and bringing them back to our Cocoon (read condominium), forgoing the work of going out to eat.

butterfly.gif (1553 bytes)        What Seagrove Beach really needs, we decided, was a shop where folks could go get a few easy to prepare, quality foods that would allow anyone to experience a Cocooning vacation: So, six years ago, Linda and I moved to Seagrove and opened COCOON'S HOT FOODS TO GO.

       Here at Cocoon's, Linda and I provide Seagrove Cocooners with a variety of Rotisserie roasted chickens, freshly made salads and a fair list of other specialty foods that fit easily into a cocooning lifestyle.
       We also believe that cocooners on vacation deserve to indulge themselves! So, when you come to Cocoon's Hot Foods To go, you'll find indulgences. Large and small.
       But most of all, we want Cocoon's Hot Foods To go, to be a fun place to shop for delicious, freshly prepared and unusual foods.

Hope to see you soon!

Mike and Linda LaDow - Proprietors

Cocoon's Hot Foods To Go
4101 E. Scenic Hwy 30A
Seagrove Beach, FL  32459

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